Inverted "T" Tummy Tuck

After bariatric surgery, flaccidity of excess skin it’s one of the biggest inconveniences of the patients. Just like the regular Tummy Tuck, the standard incision is placed horizontally across the stomach, stretching from hip to hip. In some cases, better results can be obtained through a small vertical incision, which extends from the horizontal incision. This will get rid of excess skin from the sides to make the waist; this is known as an inverted “T” technique.

This procedure offers several benefits to the patient in exchange for the addition of a small vertical scar. The use of this technique may help provide the best overall results for many patients.

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Procedure Times

The times may vary depending on the patient.

Surgery Time

4 - 5 hours

Discomfort Time

2 days

Recovery Time

3 weeks

Type of Anesthesia


Hospitalization Needed


Before and After

Results of Inverted "T" Tummy Tuck performed by Dr. Renato Rodriguez, Cosmetic Surgeon / Ced. Prof. 09133468

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