Mommy Makeover

Recovering the beauty of your youthful years is not impossible. Having children is a blessing even though the body charges its bill. With the Mommy Makeover cosmetic plan, you will stop worrying about those imperfections related to postpartum.

It’s never too late for you to look beautiful again. The Mommy Makeover is designed for moms of any age, because it caters to the same cosmetic needs. A mother’s body should regularly be attended to by issues such as:

  • Stretch marks on abdomen, buttocks and legs.
  • Areola or big nipple and sinus drop.
  • Flaccidity in the abdomen and belly.

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Procedure Times

The times may vary depending on the patient.

Surgery Time

4 - 5 hours

Discomfort Time

3 days

Recovery time

3 weeks

Type of Anesthesia


Hospitalization Needed


Before and After

Results of Mommy Makeover performed by Dr. Renato Rodriguez, Cosmetic Surgeon / Ced. Prof. 09133468

Frequent Questions

The procedure consists in helping you with a series of surgeries or treatments to recover the figure you had before giving birth. The system known as Mommy Makeover includes surgeries such as mastopexy or breast lift to recover position and firmness; the tummy tuck in case of needing belly reconstruction or liposculpture in third dimension for the width, long and deep of your body.

Lipectomy (Tummy Tuck) is a scar in the form of a smile between the belly and the pubis as low as possible so that it can be covered with yours underwear.
3D Liposculpture, depending on which areas liposuction is done, is where the scar of the size of a vaccine scar will remain.
Breast Augmentation, there is a small incision under the bust.

As for the lifting or reduction, the scar varies depending on the technique the doctor performs to improve yours problem.

Medications: Antibiotic, analgesic.

Risks and possible complications: bleeding, hematoma, seroma, scarring problems, infection, temporary alterations of sensitivity.

Includes: medical fees of the surgeon and his surgical team (instrumentalist, anesthesiologist and assistant) stay in the hospital for 24 – 48 hours. Nursing service during the hospital stay and 5 appointments for revision after the surgery with the doctor.

Doesn’t include: post-surgical girdles, pre-operative analyzes and medications.

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